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Nov 20, 2012
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I went to Aunt Susan's baby shower on Saturday, which was right next to our house. They got most of their new house finished so they decided to have the shower at their new place. Its looking good so far. They even have walk-in closets..Im not jealous at all... Aunt Susan is due some time around December 17 and she's having a girl~ The good thing about having a girl is that you can buy cute clothes for them lol. She's naming her daughter Natalie *3* Anyways, their house looks pretty cool since they hung up decorations and stuff. There were a good bunch of people there too. We arrived at noon because my sister and I had to make stockings at school for this company/event thing. Sewing is a pain in the butt. After everyone arrived at the shower though, we ate. I ate egg rolls the most hehe. The next thing we did was play games after some people began to leave. We all had to chose a name relating to babies from a bag and had to keep that name until the shower was over. If you say someone's real name, you had to drink a shot. It was super hilarious lol. We all kept forgetting what other people's baby name was and the same people messed up so much. Every time someone said someone's real name we would all freak out haha. Some of the names were hilarious too. My name was Bibs. Others were Parents Choice, Johnson and Johnson, Goodstart, Wash cloth, Bouncer, Potty Training, etc.

My favorite game we played was tippy cup. We did girls vs. guys, 6 people on each side. It was my first time playing this game, actually. We used water because they didn't want us to go too hard haha. It was such a close win lol. We were winning at first, but then the guys caught up. Some of us wanted to play more than one round, but the ladies were mixing drinks already. We let the kids play musical chairs for awhile, which was fun. Man, these kids sure are fast and aggressive lol. My sis and my little bro and I walked back home at around 7pm because it was starting to get boring for us. I guess its because we're teens and they're like adults lol. I had a fun time overall. I love spending time with my family sometimes. Definitely doing this again for Christmas lol.

My older sis left for Vegas this morning. She went with her boyfriend and Aunt Michelle and her husband. They're gonna be staying there the rest of the week and coming back Saturday. I'm really looking forward to how their trip is going/went. As for me, I don't think I'm doing anything special for Thanksgiving break. What's interesting is that in American Studies I, we just got done learning about that stuff haha. I'm just relieved I finally have a break from school! I actually plan to get shit done this break though. Let's hope I stick to my plans...

Back in Michigan, my aunt had her baby on Friday! It was a boy! It feels a bit weird because she's in Michigan and I'm in Wisconsin lol. I wonder how things went over there haha. They named their son Bryson though. I just think its a weird name...Bryson... -_-'

Photo time! Fail photos for you to see ♥ I didn't really take much because I was caught in the craziness that was going on.

Party favors *3*
Cake. Delicious cake.
My sis, Chia, with Susan's son, Devon :3

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Sakura Nagashi (Her latest single since forever. OMG LIKE WHAT.)

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