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Nov 30, 2012
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So glad it's finally the weekend. I felt like this week went by so slow, especially since its the week after break. Gawd, it didn't even feel like it was one week. It felt so much longer than that. I got sick this week too T^T I lost my voice Wednesday night. I guess you can say I was procrastinating that night. I was messing around with my siblings and I laughed so much. Gawd, they're so stupid. You wouldn't understand it. It was a hilarious night though. That's why I lost my voice that night and then the next day I couldn't talk. I'm still not healed yet. Crap. My sister says I sound like a boy going through puberty. So just imagine how that sounds like lol. Yesterday night, I took these huge soft Equate gel pills. I think I'm scared to take huge pills lol. I just couldn't do it. It was so big! I was squirming around for a good minute and then I finally took it. They actually work pretty good too. Hopefully I get better. I'm soooo glad to be able to sleep in this weekend! I haven't been able to sleep good this week. This morning I woke up when my sister woke up, but I went back to sleep because it was too early. I'd planned to wake up at 5:10am. That didn't quite happen. Those 15 minutes felt so good for some reason. I was drooling when I woke up lol. That's how good it was. My pillow was all messed up lol. My sister had to wake me up at 5:15am and I was like "What the fuck is happening?..."

Aunt Susan had her baby on November 27. She wasn't supposed to be due until around December though. Natalie is so small, gaw~ There was pictures on Facebook. It's so cute. We have yet to see whether Natalie will have big eyes like his brother/mom or if she's going to have chinky eyes like her dad and his sisters lol. We had discussed this earlier before too. I think Susan came back home today. She posted on Facebook a picture of Devon holding Natalie. Big brother and his little sister awww isnt that the cutest thing ever~

Completed my schedule for next year! At first, I didn't know what classes to take, but in the end there were so many classes I wanted to take. Grrr this sucks. It's senior year, so I want my schedule to rock ass. I went in to see my counselor and ask her what classes I should take. She told me I should just take classes I'm interested in and the academic classes since I don't even know what I want to major in. I really want to go to Spanish at the college, but I'll have to sign up for it next year in October =.=''

Classes I'm taking next year:
  1. Spanish V
  2. Foods 1
  3. Child Development 1
  4. Composition
  5. Africa and the Middle East
  6. Calculus
  7. Earth and Space Science
  8. Web Page Design
  9. Employability Skills
  10. etcetcetcetcetcetc...
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