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Nov 22, 2012
Tried to Walk Posted at 11:30 PM 2 comments (+)
This mv is so pretty. The flowers and nature of it just made them so pretty. They were literally glowing in my eyes. And then they were just standing/sitting there all cool singing and stuff. I can't. I just can't. The ending was sad too. I almost cried. I can definitely conclude that this is a good song to cry to. Their voices are so soft, I just love it >_< A bit emotional for meh. This is such a beautiful mv. I could cry. Oh I love it when cute guys try to look sad in mvs, but they end up just looking cute and you can spot a smile in there lol. Yes, I'm talking about you Changmin. I haven't been following these guys, but that will surely change :3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all ate a lot and liked it! Some family came over and we made macaroni and cheese and pasta. Mashed potatoes, gravy, and the stuffing were made beforehand. Aunt Susan and Tria bought the two turkeys. We also had corn, and apple and pumpkin pie. I ate so much T^T I gotta have my corn, ya know. There was a lot of macaroni and cheese, turkey, and pasta leftover. Yesh, more food for us haha. Everyone left at around 3pm so I took a nap. I was getting a headache and I was too full lol. I woke up at 5pm and thought it was midnight or something lol. It was dark and the tv was on and I thought the kids were still up and haven't gone to bed yet. I was like "Ugh...Why aren't they asleep yet?.." And then I looked at the clock. Oh.

-B1A4 - Tried to Walk

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