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Dec 9, 2012
Let it snow Posted at 1:57 PM 2 comments (+)
It's snowing cats and dogs outside. My uncle will have to plow the snow again today. Might make a snowman when there's more snow out haha. I already experienced the snow once today and the snowflakes were harsh. I couldn't see anything -_- Running in the snow is not easy..just sayin. We're supposed to get at least 5 inches of snow today yay :3 Drive safely everyone! Hooray for a 3-day weekend! No school on Monday because of Conferences, oh yeah. Yesterday I watched the Pokemon marathon and the new movie lol. I'm so dorky. Pokemon is my childhood and I shall not abandon it. I was even trying to get my sister to watch it with me. It's pretty intense, ya know. My sister and lil bro and I played Little Big Planet after. It's such a fun game even though I always lose when we play most of the games haha. We also played ModNation Racers. It was my first time playing, but it's so fun. I just love racing games. I was doing so well at first, but then I don't know what happened -_-' Good news though! I'm not sick anymore! :D

It's only the ninth of December, but Christmas doesn't feel too far away. I'm doing this Secret Santa thing with some of my friends and I already bought the stuff for my Secret Santa. I got it all from Target haha. I also want to get something to my other friends too and try to get something for my parents if possible. It's so hard to buy gifts for your parents x.x I only have $42 dammit. If only I had a job, it'll be more easier.

In the dollar section, yes, the dollar section, I found this cute Christmas Chinese takeout box. I just thought it was the most adorable thing ever lol. Can I just keep this for myself?

I got her this necklace and earring set. There was a lot of selections to choose from, but I figured this was probably the best one.

I was actually going to get this for myself lol but I already have a few face masks so I bought it for her too.

Lastly, chocolate. Chocolates are forever loved~

I'll have to go shopping before Winter Break to buy some more stuff. It's so hard buying gifts u_u If you're also buying gifts for family members or friends, feel free to share with me :)

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