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Dec 30, 2012
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I feel like I need to post something just for the heck of it since I didn't post much this month lol. Lately I've been obsessing over Nell's latest album, Holding onto Gravity. Even though it's a mini album, I love all the songs. I decided to take a break from the dancy kpop stuff for awhile. I've been getting tired of it for some reason. Must be because I can't listen to any new songs and stuff because of my slow Internet. Anyways, Nell is awesome and therefore they shall be loved :3 This song is beautiful and the MV too. It's a bit creepy imo, but still beautiful :D Kim Jong-wan's voice is so soothing to listen to. Kind of like Alex from Clazziquai.

Lately this Christmas break, I haven't been able to go to sleep. I've been twisting and turning in bed a lot and waking up in the middle of the night not being able to go back to sleep. I've been having back pains too. I really had no idea what gotten into me. 2 days ago, I came to the conclusion that the reason why I haven't been able to sleep was because my room is the most blazing hottest room in the house..haha. They never turn off the heat because it's cold, but my room is sooo hot at night and it drives me nuts. So I slept in my sister's room the other day and I guess that went a little better. My back wasn't hurting as much and I slept more that time. Yesterday I spent the night downstairs reading fanfictions so I didn't get into my own bed until midnight. I slept much better this time too. My room wasn't blazing hot this time. Hopefully tonight things go well too. I wanna sleep dammit..

I recently caught up with Bleach and all I can say is, Damn, I missed out on A LOT. Lol. I enjoyed reading every chapter I missed out on though. I don't think I would have enjoyed it if I didn't put it on hold and kept waiting every week for a chapter to come out. Just reading a chapter after another kept me wanting more and the anticipation was there. Now that I actually know what's going on, I think I'll enjoy it more and stuff i dont know how to express my fangirl probs omg.

Went sledding with the family again yesterday. It was colder than usual, which sucked, but it was still fun. My arms are sore now -_-

-Nell - White Night

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