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Jan 22, 2013
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There wasn't any school today because the weather was too cold. Last night, I was reading my book in the kitchen and helping my brother make food when my sister came in saying we didn't have school. She seemed unsure when she said it. Her friend had texted her that we didn't have school. I was like "Whut?.." So we checked the news and a lot of schools had 2 hours delays, but our school was closed. It didn't snow recently, so we figured it was because it was freezing outside. Yesterday it was below 0 degrees. Today isn't as cold as yesterday's though. I just thought it was kind of funny, closing school because it was too cold..haha. So I just kept on reading my book that night and then went to bed at 11. I was a bit mad though. This is the last week of the term and everybody has a bunch of tests this week and I actually wanted to go to school and learn some stuff so I can be prepared, but now everything's going to be rushed. Change of plans suck. I should be studying right now...haha.

Isn't this such a cute dog? Awww I just love doggies lol ♥
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