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Jan 20, 2013
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Woke up at 8 this morning to get ready for the day and I felt like crap. I'm writing this post at night and I am so tired from today's activities, but alas I have to gather up the remaining energy I have to do this. I had a pretty busy weekend and got no homework/studying done yet. I'll summarize the past 2 days and get on with today's. (Sorry if grammar/spelling is bad, too lazy to look it over blah)
On Friday, we had an early release. Hooray! We got out at 12:50pm and didn't get home until about 1:30pm. My sisters and I were going to go see the new horror movie Mama at 4:50pm with my sister's friend. To pass the time, I tried doing my homework, but I just couldn't do it. Instead I read. Rare, huh? I was reading "Evil Under the Sun" by Agatha Christie. I love her mystery books. I actually finished reading it on Saturday. It's so addicting hehe. I'm now reading "Death on the Nile" by large print lol. The library didn't have it in "regular size." The movie was pretty good. There weren't much people in the theater so that was nice. It was super creepy and so many surprises. It had a nice plot and everything so that was nice. It wasn't that scary, but still worth it. That's just me though lol. I'm super jumpy so the movie made me jumped sooo much. My older sis even screamed during this scene. It was hilarious. I had my fingers kind of covering my face at that scene haha. When you're in the theater watching it, it feels really scary and creepy. After the movie, we went to go eat at this new restaurant, Mai Ly. We all didn't really enjoy it. It was the opening day, so there was a lot of people there and there weren't a lot of workers yet. We weren't that impressed by the food. We had to wait about an hour for our food. In the near future, I wouldn't mind going there again though. The people there were nice and they were busy that day. I don't mind giving it another shot.

Saturday, my dad had this get-together party thing. He invited his friends over and stuff and everybody cooked and junk. I hate it when they have these kinds of party thingies. So much plates and cooking and food. Ugh. At about 4pm, my older sister and I went to Target to look around. My other sis went over to a friend's to hang out. At about 6pm, we were on our way to pick up my sis. My older sis wanted to play a prank on her lol. This was how it started: My older sis wanted me to text my younger sis that we were "here" to pick her up, so I did. A few seconds later, I texted her "psych." About 2 minutes later she texted back "you made me walk out." Lol it was hilarious. I didn't actually think she would go outside, but she did. When she got my text saying we were already here, she got her stuff and started putting on her shoes. After she went out, she took out her phone and saw my "psych" text and was super mad. She had to knock on her friend's door again to let her back inside. Lol we arrived 15 minutes later for reals this time. Haha.

Today, my sisters and I went to MOA with my older sis's friend and her daughters and my sis's friend. It was like a reunion between my sister Chia, her friend Lexi, and an old friend Vanessa. We went to Forever 21, since Vanessa and her mom and little sister were there already. It was nice meeting Vanessa. I didn't expect her to look that short though. She was kind of quiet, but she seemed nice. Forever 21 was HUGE. So much clothes and stuff omg. We didn't even bother looking at the clothes. We stuck to jewelry and shoes and looked around a bit. Vanessa tried on these cute pink heels and bought it. So cute. Some of Forever 21's shoes looked cute, but they were too high. I didn't think they looked comfortable either. After, we went to Charlotte Russe. I ended up buying these cute shoes there. My older sis actually bought it. Chia also bought a pair of flats. They were having a sale, buy 1 get 1 for $15. Then we went to eat. It was delicious :3 We also found out some things about Vanessa too. She's a mega super kpop fan like me and Lexi too lol. We also went to Sigma because my sis wanted to buy some brushes, Bath and Body Works, etc.

 My sis bought me this mug from Target. I drink a lot of tea and coffee so why not. It has an H on it for my name hahaha. Doesn't this look cool? We each have one with the letter of our name now lol.


Went to Freeziac, make your own frozen yogurt. I had vanilla and kiwi strawberry with berries and gummies and chips. Kiwi strawberry is sooo good. I love frozen yogurt. We all took out our phones/cameras and started taking pictures of it lol.

My sisters bought some hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

My shoes I got from Charlotte Russe! It's so cute. I don't normally buy shoes from Charlotte Russe, but this was actually pretty comfortable. I got it in size 7, but the left shoe was a bit dirty and they didn't have it in another size 7 so I just got it. At the store, it fit right and looked so cute. It's not as high either. It came in white, black, mint, and red orange. I'm always skeptical when buying shoes. I never know which size I should get. I end up buying a shoe that fits perfect, but when I get home it's too tight like wtf. I don't even wanna wear it to school because I don't want it to get dirty lol. Gahh.

I actually didn't feel like going at all to MOA today, but I guess I'm glad I actually went in the end. My legs and feet are so tired right now lol. So much walking was done today. I don't want to walk ever again D:

No school Monday so you know what that means: homework time! Fuck. On another note, I got Caitlin to start listening to B.A.P lol. She likes them so far, but I gotta listen to her say it irl or else.

Listening to: Rabbit - Awa Girl

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