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Feb 23, 2013
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Super awesome origami I made this past week :3 Don't get the wrong idea though. I didn't make these out of boredom haha. For my demonstration speech in Speech class, I chose to demonstrate how to make origami. At first, I had no idea what to make. I was going to do a lotus, but that was way to difficult to explain and much longer than the expected time. So after struggling to find some easy origami to do, I settled with a pelican lol. I know, random right? It was easy to do so I didn't care. My friend also demonstrated how to make origami. She made a piggie! It was so cute ^^ Everyone made one. I just have these three in my room for decoration. I also made a ladybug when I couldn't decide between it and a pelican, but I threw it away. Yeah, I know how to make origami now. I'm so cool.
I went to Barnes and Noble with Pk because she wanted to buy a Nook. It was funny because these three women that worked there were trying to convince her to buy the Nook Glowlight. She bought the Nook Simple one though. After that we went to Marshall's to look around. I love going to Marshall's/TJ Maxx to look at their clothes and antiques. Pk bought a skinny for me and a shirt for herself. We also got this chocolate and vanilla tea. There were two boxes left and they were both pretty much beat up.

McDonalds hasn't called me yet, but no worries. I got an application from County Market on Friday so we're gonna send that in soon. The application is so easy to fill out though. My sister and I also printed an application from Yo-Joe's, a frozen yogurt shop. Yo-Joe's is in the downtown area (kids from school visit it frequently) and I don't wanna see people from school. Ahh I'm anti-social.

Pk, Chia, and I made spicy pasta last night. I love spicy pasta ♥

Listening to: B.A.P - Sound of Rain ♥

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