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Mar 9, 2013
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I just wanted to share these owl nails. It's not my nails, its Pk's. Chia painted her nails for her. I had to give her kudos. I mean she did it so pro and it turned out awesome. Pk had ordered dotting tools for this look and it looks pretty cool. She painted them a week ago and they haven't chipped much at all :3 I'm not much of a nail person. I can't stand waiting T.
It was also my mom's birthday February 26. My sisters and I went out and bought a cake that night and surprised her when she came home at 10:45pm that night. The funny thing was that my mom took about 10 minutes trying to park her car. We were all like "wtf is she doing out there?" lol. The candles started melting too haha. The lights were off too so when my mom opened the door she saw a glowing light coming from the kitchen. There are two ways to enter our kitchen and so we thought she was going to come in from the left side since she usually does, but this time she came in from the right. We all were in such dumb positions lol. My little brother was on the floor idek, Chia was right next to the trash can sticking her butt out, Pk was near the refrigerator, and I was next to the cake lol. When my mom opened the door, we all just froze and stayed in those positions. It was hilarious. This failed haha. My mom was sure surprised though.
Also made stuffed mushrooms a few weeks ago. It's delicious, but alright.
I'm going to be busy this month with exams and everything. The ACT exam is this coming April and I really need to concentrate and study. Spring break is coming up though :D We have our Spring Break on the last week of March, but I'll have to work on my Speech persuasive essay and do some studying. My Speech teacher already worked that out with us :/ Lately I haven't been motivated to do anything and I hope that will change. I don't know what's wrong with me T.T Fighting~

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