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Mar 23, 2013
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Favorite skin products I'm loving right now. Suddenly I wanted to make this post. I've been obsessed with face products. My face has been horrible with zits, but then I started using these products and stuff and now it's better again :D I've been in love with my skin ever since ^^

On another note, my Spring Break starts today! One whole week all to myself :3 I'll actually be pretty busy this week. I have to work on my Speech persuasive essay that's due on the Monday we get back from break. I'll also be studying for my ACT exams that is coming up soon. Gah, I'm so nervous for it x_x

I've been using the Clean and Clear Black Head Eraser Scrub every day, day and night. I didn't think it would do anything to my skin, but it turned out really good. I got great results from it and my pores and blackheads went down and disappeared. 

I use this Mint Julep Masque once a week and I love it! After one use, my face already felt smooth and my pores already went down a little. This mask is amazing.

 Sometimes instead of using the Clean and Clear Black Head Eraser Scrub in the morning I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. It really makes my face brighter after I wash my face. Even after I apply on BB Cream or foundation, my face is still bright and radiant.

Posting a selca. I realized I haven't posted one in a long time. Heeeee.

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