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May 11, 2013
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Things are finally starting to look up! I got a job interview this Friday at Wendy's, which went well. My sister and I both got recommended, but we have to go in again next Friday for a second interview. I got through one of it already and now I have to go in for another one? Oh my. I was already nervous the first time x_x I really hope both my sister and I get the job, even though I'm really nervous about starting at Wendy's. We don't have our licenses yet (sad) so I'm most worried about getting rides to work and back. We just got a house too! ^^ We'll FINALLY move out. We're renting the house though. We'll be able to get it by June 1 and I am so happy about this. But again, it's far away from Wendy's and school so I don't know how this is going to work. My parents really need to think things through when they do these kind of stunts. Well, it's not my first option, but it's better than nothing :) Anyways, the job interview was at 4:30 pm. Chia and I were having such a hard time picking out the right outfits. All the outfits we had looked too dressy, but we eventually found something that would fit. After the job interview, my sisters and I went to MOA and bought a bunch of jewelry from Forever 21.

Today we went to an art gallery. My sister's painting was there so we went and checked out everybody's artwork. Most of the artwork looked really cool, but I felt like some didn't really deserve to be there. They didn't look that amazing in my opinion. I saw Caitlin's typography work though ^^ After the art gallery, we went to Freestyle, this frozen yogurt place.

The Great Gatsby came out! I really want to see it so BAD. T-T
I realized that I post up a lot of frozen yogurt photos. You guys are probably getting bored of them all.. I'll stop you guys o.o

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