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Jun 13, 2013
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I haven't had the time to blog in a super long time, but I have my reasons. I've been super busy lately and couldn't find time to blog so I'm making a quick update. First thing, school's out! It really doesn't feel like school ended because I have a job now. I got the job at Wendy's and I've been working there for about 2 weeks now with my sister. It's not that bad, but it's annoying sometimes. My family moved, so we're definitely further away from my work. I feel like I'm being a burden to my family members because since my sister and I can't drive, they have to drive us everywhere :( I've been feeling very emotional lately and I've been trying to hide them. I probably shouldn't, but it's for the best. I don't want to deal with this right now because there are more important things to worry about. I'm pretty much used to this too though. Anyways, once I get my first paycheck, I'll try to get some contacts because my glasses are really bothering me and it's such a bother at work :p

I'll be going to my first college visit next  month and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm planning on going to UW Stout because they have a really good graphic design program. Even though I'm not quite sure if I want to go into graphic designing, I really enjoy it, so I'm going to try it out :)

In all, I'll be very busy this summer with work, applying for colleges, doing AP Lit and Comp homework, graphic designing, etc. I'll try my best to find some time to blog though. :)

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