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Jul 17, 2013
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Went to the mall with my sisters and my little brother the other day. This was actually my second time going shopping this summer. Everyone's been busy lately so I'm glad I got a day off from work and spent time with my family. The mall was a bit disappointing though. We went to Aeropostale, Cotton On, Wet Seal, H&M, etc. but they didn't have anything appealing :( Forever 21 was a bit more successful though ^^ My little brother didn't complain as much as I thought he would. Good thing though haha. After the mall we went to Super Target and while my sisters were looking at the makeup section I took my little bro to go look for some clothes haha. Funny trip we had there. The Super Target barely has any clothes though, which sucked. In the end, I got my little bro some new pajamas that was on sale. I was going to have him try on these blue shorts that was also on sale, but nah. Too ridiculous.

I got these navy blue shorts from Forever21 for $15.??. They looked so cute when I tried them on. I knew it was the one :3 I have a problem with buying bottoms. I never am too sure which size I should get. Either it's too tight or it's too loose. Sometimes it feels like it fits just right, but then the next time I wear it it's too loose. And sometimes when it feels just right, I'm afraid it's going to shrink if I wash them and be too tight. Lyfe is so hard..

I bought these bows from Wet Seal for $3.00, but when I checked out I found out they were actually on sale. Haha nice. For some reason I've been really into hair accessories lately, which is weird because I never really wear hair accessories.

I also went to TJMaxx a few days ago and got these 2 shirts. I love love love looooove TJMaxx btw.

Did I mention I bought these with my own money? Lol I feel a bit proud of myself. I get to buy the things I want with my own money. Gawd it feels good lol. I am making sure I save my money and not go overboard with buying everything though haha.

I'm going to visit UW-Eau Claire July 25th. I don't know that much about UW-Eau Claire since I've been so focused on Stout haha but I'm looking forward to it :)

* B.A.P's Hurricane is out! As much as I love them, I don't know if I like the new single or not :( The sound isn't them at all and I'm just so lost. I love some parts of the song, but overall? Maybe I'll like it once I get used to it idk. I still love them though! ^^

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